Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby B

My little Buster is already 7 months old! I am afraid that if I wink I may just miss something important. Here is a little timeline of his milestones, which I am listing more for my sake. At the rate Ben is going, I don't know if I will be able to remember all these special little things by tomorrow.

4 months - 
Ben sits up on his own! He rolls over a bit from his belly to back. He fixates on an object or person and follows them until out of sight. He has the sweetest belly chuckle. He licks his chops while watching someone around him eat. He gets his first taste of rice cereal and will not wait for the spoon to come to his mouth, his whole body lunges forward and would rather take the bowl into his own hands (independent lil' guy). Loves playing with toys and rattles and sticking them in his mouth. He drools A LOT! Still no hair or teeth. Sweetest little baby EVER! Weighs 13lbs 12oz (16%) Measures 25" tall (38%)

Loving the Bumbo - AKA "Poo Chair"

What a stud in his little newsboy hat.

5 months - 
Loves rice cereal! Gets put on medication for reflux. Sleeps from 8pm -8am with a feeding usually around 4 am. Chuckles hysterically. Finally getting some chub on his thighs - mommy loves to nibble them. Getting better at all the things from month 4. He is momma's little pal and he loves when he sees a familiar face. All the women love him and he doesn't mind the attention. ;)

6 months-
He was sealed to us in the Salt Lake City Temple on June 18th. He was such a good boy and was so excited to see some of his favorite people around him. Boy can this kid roll all over the place! He will sit on all fours but isn't mobile yet. HATES to get his diaper changed. He eats baby rice snacks, loves his sweet potatoes and will kill if someone gets in the way of his bananas. Eats most "stage 1" baby food and loves it. Started waking up screaming and crying every night for 3 weeks almost every 2 hours - needless to say, Mom and Dad are tired and cranky. Loves going people watching in the grocery cart while Momma shops. Takes his very first flight with Daddy to meet me and Grandpa and Grandma Warrick in Sunny California! Ben is the very first grandchild to visit my Maternal Grandmothers grave in Los Angeles. It is the first time my Mom has been back to her grave since the funeral. It was a very emotional and special experience. Ben just knew his Great Grandma Cora was there. He sat on her grave and played peacefully. EVERYONE in Cali was in love with him, his newsboy cap, and his sweet cheekies! He weighs 15 lbs 11 oz (17%) and Measures 26.25" tall (41%) and we love every ounce of him!

7 months -
My little boy is getting so big. He has such a giant personality and is so easy to  be around. He makes me want 10 more kids - sorta, but not really. :)   I want to be with him every minute of the day because he makes my life so happy and worth everything I've ever lived for. He scoots using his giant big toe to get around on the hardwood floors. He has maybe 2 hairs that are an inch long, but who's counting right? Can say Dadadada. Does a tired cry/grunt when ready for a nap. Ben usually will nap 2 x/day and after being up for 2 hours, he is ready for a rest. Loves, loves, loves, Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, the Wonderpets, and Baby Genius. We, on the other hand, DO NOT. Grandpa taught him what a deer is, a tree, and a hat. He loves Grandpa teaching him new things. Grandma Karen is giving him crawling lessons. Ben loves the water and loves swimming! Grandma Shawna teaches him patty cakes, Soooo big, how to say Mommamama, and feeds him lots of fresh peaches.This boy is so loved! Oh and we SWEAR he can say "hi".


Plain and Simple this guy keeps us on our toes. We love him. And he better be a very good teenager or else!

Where have I been?

can I really publish my posts?1? i haven't been able to post text along with my photos (as displayed in my last post). if it is so, bring on more blogging! i have so much to catch up on!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ben's 3rd Month - (so I'm a little late)

So here's a pic of Ben at a little over 3 months. He is constantly teaching Jens and I new things about parenting and we couldn't be more excited to learn what he has next in store for us. I still can't imagine life without him. Jens and I often catch ourselves racing each other to his nursery to be the first one to pick him up after waking from his nap. That cheeky little smile he gives us as we peek over his crib is completely heart-melting. This boy has some serious charm. Watch out ladies!

During Ben's third month he:

- began sleeping in his own room. I cried the first night we put him down in the crib. Suddenly he seemed like a "big boy"

 - was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy from the dairy that I ingest. We noticed small streaks of blood in his diapers along with frequent diarrhea and colic-y belly, we knew something was seriously wrong. After I began cutting out most dairy, we had ourselves a whole new kid. Instead of waking up screaming in pain he, would lie awake and coo to himself. My heart smiled as I would wake up and listen to him on the moniter for a couple minutes before rescuing him from the crib.

- began enjoying tummy time and would play until he was so tired he would zonk-out face-down.

- thoroughly enjoys bath time. I usually get in the bath with him and let him "swim" around. He kicks and kicks and also thinks it's a perfect time to nurse. So convenient. :)

- fixed and followed. He can recognize his Mommy and Daddy. He would turn his head all the way around to watch us walk out of the room.

- belly laughs. Some serious chuckles come out of this boy's mouth. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry and nearly pee a little. :) His favorite is when Jens nibbles his ribcage and his whiskers tickle Ben's belly. He lets out thee sweetest squeal and a giggle.

- loves Mama's hair. He is fascinated. He is usually in his little swing watching me while I dry my hair while I have my head flipped upside down. When I flip my hair back he is so startled then laughs while his cute little tongue is partway out. I love that tongue! He also loves to grab on and kung-fu grip my hair. I end up prying each little finger open to release my hair from his hands.

-  kicks, kicks, kicks! Those feet go so fast they are nearly a blur.

-  began "happy screaming". He could scream for 10 min straight. He especially loves when I mimic him. I'm always down for some competition. My guess is that he is suprised at what comes out of his mouth and then smiles about for a quick second and wants to try again.

- little B's personality is showing brighter than ever. He is so social and gives everyone that handsome smirk. He loves random people. People always tell us he is beautiful and they lurrrrrv his cheeks!

- holding objects. Yes, he could do this somewhere in his second month but now he actually has strength to lift and taste his toys. He even helps me hold his bottle. Ben also got exceptionaly crafty at finding his binky and stuffing it back in his mouth.

I saved the best for last...

-  finally got on a good sleep routine. Goes down at 8:30 and wakes up once for a midnight snack and out again til 8 or so. We bundle him up, start the lullabyes and he is out. Love.

A Note to Ben -

Ben, you may never know the kind of love that your Dad and I have for you, even if you feel a small fraction of it, may you know that we are so happy and complete now that you are a part of our lives. You have made each of us strive to be better parents, spouses, advance spiritually, and generally a better self all-around. Your impact on our lives is so great that everyday I wake up wanting to be something more and try harder to be better. I cry when you cry, I smile when you smile, I am at ease when you are at ease, and nothing in the whole world can make me feel the way I do now that you are on earth. I want to savor each little moment with you, for I know you are growing like a weed and the moments we share, while you are so tiny, can't be slowed down. I want to enjoy ever waking moment with my little buddy while I can. We love you Ben and thank you for being more of an example to your Mommy and Daddy than you will EVER know.


(more pics to come later)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Blessing for Ben

Ben has had one busy month. But that's a whole 'nother post. We were able to bless our little guy on March 13th. Jens gave him such a beautiful blessing and I bawled like a baby the whole time - along with the rest of my sisters. :)  We were able to do an intimate in-home blessing at my parents home as they were so kind to let us use their lovely home to accomodate for all the guests. I working in a medical office, being paranoid by all the illness going around this time of year, was reluctant to bring little B into a crowded chapel to bless him, so instead, our Bishop and Counselor were kind enough to make the trip out to my parent's home to be there as witnesses to the blessing.

(patiently waiting for everyone to arrive - this expression kills me!)

Ben was a complete angel while Jens blessed him. He looked so adorable in the little outfit that Grandma Karen bought for him. I am so proud to be Ben's Mother. He makes me a whole new person and everyday I wake up craving the joy that his little spirit has brought in to my world.

One little happy family. The End.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 Months Young

Have I ever said that time flies? Well, it does indeed. I can't believe our little guy is 2 months old and soon to be 3. These days it seems hard to get a simple blog post in without being interrupted from this adorable little chubby bald boy that doesn't like to take many naps. Ben is lucky that he's so darn cute to make up for all of the restless days and nights. I know I am late posting this but better late than never.

Here's a tiny recap of Ben's 2nd month of life:

- Road trip to St. George with Aunt Natalee and cousins Cortnee and Emeree to visit Launee and Fam. Ben did awesome and was a trooper in his lil carseat.

- Our first hotel stay. While in St. George we met up with Daddy and stayed in a lovely hotel and lounged around together in the sunlight from the big windows. Ben's new fave. We can't wait for warm weather.

- First walk. The weather was nice a few days in Feb so we went around the neighborhood and Ben loved it for approx 2 minutes and then he was out like a light.

-RSV. Yes. Not fun. At  6 weeks old Ben started out with a minor stuffy nose and the next day he was struggling to breathe. So scary! It made me so sad to see my little baby so miserable. Thanks to saline nasal spray and Grandma Warrick we survived. Grandma is super mom and suggested using my humidifier and (don't laugh) my clothes steamer to steam up our room. It was a sauna. It worked wonders and helped Ben's little lungs clear right up. Thanks Ma!

- Giggle. I heard Ben do the sweetest little giggle while we were playing around with Aunt Natalee. I will never forget the way my heart smiled when I heard it.

-Kicking - While pregnant with Ben, I could definitely tell that this kid would be a soccer player someday. He loves his jungle playmat. We lay him down on his back and he will kick for hours at the toys hanging from it.

- Ben does some pretty gnarly farts and burps. Thanks Jens!

- Bathtime. Ben now enjoys taking baths, especially with me. He kicks his little legs and smiles so big. I could waste so much time just looking at his sweet face.

- We are starting (I know, just barely) to get a routine down. Ben has given us a few good nights of sleep but is still getting up about every 4 hrs.

-Reflux. Poor kid. I was so confused. While nursing Ben, everthing would be calm and normal but in the middle of feeding Ben would pull away and cry so hard. Thank you Mylanta!

-Ben is all smiles. He will smile and squirm when he gets his diaper changed and loves it even more to be naked! I look forward to him waking up because he smiles so huge the moment he sees me standing over him.

-Hands. Ben loves sucking on his hands and also pulling his shirt into his mouth. He loves his binky and when he spits it out, he can usually put it back in his mouth. He is one smart cookie.

Jens and I enjoy being parents so much. I recently went back to work part-time, mainly for my sanity. I was going crazy being home all day everyday, so it is definitely nice to get out of the house and hang around with some adults. Although I miss my little Buster so much, I know he is in good hands with my Mom and Mother-in-Law. They love him so much and spoil him like crazy!

I can't wait to see what the coming months bring. Every day is a new adventure for Jens, myself and Ben. Ben is always suprising us with new milestones and makes us smile more than we ever thought possible. We love you Buddy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

So much to say, so little time...

Ben has definitely changed our lives. For one thing, we love him to pieces. On the other hand, he keeps us so busy! I can't believe how fast the time flies by. Ben is growing right before our eyes. I love his little face so much that it hurts. On his 1 month mark we got out of the house and went over to the Dutson's house to eat some Rio with Karlee and Perry. Ben was a little cranky pants and Kar being a new Mommy as well, showed me some much-needed pointers to getting him to chill out. It was wonderful! After we got home, I decided to [key word] attempt to get his pictures for his one month milestone. Here's the result: