Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby B

My little Buster is already 7 months old! I am afraid that if I wink I may just miss something important. Here is a little timeline of his milestones, which I am listing more for my sake. At the rate Ben is going, I don't know if I will be able to remember all these special little things by tomorrow.

4 months - 
Ben sits up on his own! He rolls over a bit from his belly to back. He fixates on an object or person and follows them until out of sight. He has the sweetest belly chuckle. He licks his chops while watching someone around him eat. He gets his first taste of rice cereal and will not wait for the spoon to come to his mouth, his whole body lunges forward and would rather take the bowl into his own hands (independent lil' guy). Loves playing with toys and rattles and sticking them in his mouth. He drools A LOT! Still no hair or teeth. Sweetest little baby EVER! Weighs 13lbs 12oz (16%) Measures 25" tall (38%)

Loving the Bumbo - AKA "Poo Chair"

What a stud in his little newsboy hat.

5 months - 
Loves rice cereal! Gets put on medication for reflux. Sleeps from 8pm -8am with a feeding usually around 4 am. Chuckles hysterically. Finally getting some chub on his thighs - mommy loves to nibble them. Getting better at all the things from month 4. He is momma's little pal and he loves when he sees a familiar face. All the women love him and he doesn't mind the attention. ;)

6 months-
He was sealed to us in the Salt Lake City Temple on June 18th. He was such a good boy and was so excited to see some of his favorite people around him. Boy can this kid roll all over the place! He will sit on all fours but isn't mobile yet. HATES to get his diaper changed. He eats baby rice snacks, loves his sweet potatoes and will kill if someone gets in the way of his bananas. Eats most "stage 1" baby food and loves it. Started waking up screaming and crying every night for 3 weeks almost every 2 hours - needless to say, Mom and Dad are tired and cranky. Loves going people watching in the grocery cart while Momma shops. Takes his very first flight with Daddy to meet me and Grandpa and Grandma Warrick in Sunny California! Ben is the very first grandchild to visit my Maternal Grandmothers grave in Los Angeles. It is the first time my Mom has been back to her grave since the funeral. It was a very emotional and special experience. Ben just knew his Great Grandma Cora was there. He sat on her grave and played peacefully. EVERYONE in Cali was in love with him, his newsboy cap, and his sweet cheekies! He weighs 15 lbs 11 oz (17%) and Measures 26.25" tall (41%) and we love every ounce of him!

7 months -
My little boy is getting so big. He has such a giant personality and is so easy to  be around. He makes me want 10 more kids - sorta, but not really. :)   I want to be with him every minute of the day because he makes my life so happy and worth everything I've ever lived for. He scoots using his giant big toe to get around on the hardwood floors. He has maybe 2 hairs that are an inch long, but who's counting right? Can say Dadadada. Does a tired cry/grunt when ready for a nap. Ben usually will nap 2 x/day and after being up for 2 hours, he is ready for a rest. Loves, loves, loves, Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, the Wonderpets, and Baby Genius. We, on the other hand, DO NOT. Grandpa taught him what a deer is, a tree, and a hat. He loves Grandpa teaching him new things. Grandma Karen is giving him crawling lessons. Ben loves the water and loves swimming! Grandma Shawna teaches him patty cakes, Soooo big, how to say Mommamama, and feeds him lots of fresh peaches.This boy is so loved! Oh and we SWEAR he can say "hi".


Plain and Simple this guy keeps us on our toes. We love him. And he better be a very good teenager or else!


Mara and Jae said...

so good to see you guys yesterday! it's been too long. ben is getting sooo big. xo.

Chels+Jord said...

Aw, I love the month by month posts. He's going to be a one year old too soon!

mom said...

My sweet little Ben! I get so emotional when I read his updates, and see how fast growing up is.He is such a remarkable little boy. Very happy, and very social.He has a loving circle of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.And of his parents who ADORE him and are very PROUD of him.
I am so lucky to baby-sit him. And his grampa Warrick is crazy about him. Already teaching him about wildlife.
Keep your little one busy, close to you, and other family members. Involve him in many activities because he is curious and wants to learn. Teach him kindness,rules,re-spect.Teach him to love your home, and all the fun,work, and outings, you as a family provide. Surround yourselves with good friends, and him with uplifting friends, and he will be just like you both!